Childhood Unplugged – August 2017

I try to always take things on vacation to get the kids to come together with activities. Sometimes with the age gaps between the big kids and little ones they tend to go their separate ways and do their own thing which is completely understandable. So things like playing with holi powder, boating, fishing, lighting hot air balloon lanterns brings us all together for an activity.

There were so many pictures I could’ve shared for this post but honestly I wanted to keep this blog post about one activity. I’m hoping to create a personal blog post soon with my favorite family shots from vacation as a whole.

So a few years ago I bought some holi powder for our beach family vacation. That summer we let Jorgie invite three of his close friends to join us for the week. As you can imagine, throwing around the holi powder was a great success and proved to be so much fun for them. You can see that blog post here. A few summers have passed and I decided to order some more for our vacation this summer. It was really neat to see the little ones get in on the fun. Once again the best part? Walking right into the ocean and washing it all off.

*images taken with Contax 645, Fuji 160NS 220 film and developed by the fine people at The FIND Lab

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