Childhood Unplugged – February 2017

A roll of film shot on your 12th birthday. I can’t believe you are a tween.

You are coming into your own. Needing more and more independence but still wanting me to tuck you in at night. You have reached the age where everything embarrasses you in front of your piers. Just the other day we were driving away from car pool and as we turned the corner I heard a girl yell, “Hi Tristan!” and my immediate reaction was to point so he could see someone was calling him. His exact words as we drove away were, “Mom, do not point! I am in middle school now. Do not embarrass me!” Everything now is followed by the ‘dab’. You love your pop/dance music but I’m starting to see that your taste is expanding. Just the other morning on the way to school you put on an old country song and let me know you liked country music too. The world of video games and signing onto servers with your friends and face timing while you play is your obsession. You hate that I moderate your screen time. If it was up to you, it would never end. All of a sudden we cannot see you naked. This is the same boy that just six months ago was walking out of the bathroom after a shower and starting a conversation while still in his birthday suit. If you could wear a cap everyday you would. Every morning for school you wet down your hair and gel it to perfection yourself. It takes you way longer than it should, but you have this thing about every hair in place and just right. You care way more about fashion and how you look at this age than your older brother ever did. If you could live in basketball shorts and worn out t-shirts you would. I can’t keep string cheese in the house for more than two days. It’s like we have a mouse… it just disappears. You would live on mac and cheese with hamburger seven days a week for dinner if allowed. You are polite and generous. You always hold the door for others to go first. If someone drops something in the supermarket you hurry to reach for it first and pick it up for them.

I tell you all the time you will always be my baby. No matter how big you get. You are the baby of the family…that’s a fact.

Happy 12th birthday Tristan! We could not love you any more than we do even if we tried.

p.s. We have entered the age of not smiling for the camera, unless I say something funny to force it out of him.

**Images shot with a Rolleiflex f/2.8, Ilford HP5 400 pushed +3 in developing, and Fuji Acros 100, developed at The Find Lab


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