Childhood Unplugged – November 2016

This boy of mine, is teetering on that fine line between boyhood and adolescents. I’m no stranger to this stage, but I guess this time around I’m extremely aware of it and just how fast it happens. With Jorgie it was more like getting side swiped, realizing what had happened after the fact. What I’m trying to say is it goes by so very fast.

For the first time I’ve captured it in these images; the fuzz above his lip, the hairs under his arms, that baby chub that will soon be gone as soon as he starts to shoot up and get taller. Jorgie went through this very same phase at around this age. Matt took a bit longer for puberty to kick in. While there are so many similarities between the boys, they are also so very different.

He is desperate to grow up. He loves to say things like, “I’m a man.”  “Look Mom, I’ve got hair under my arm.” Or, I love this one, “I think I’m ready to shave soon.” He’s funny. I tell him all the time, “Tristan, stop trying to grow up so fast. I promise you will be big before you know it and then you are going to miss being a kid.”

A few days ago my Mom was over and we were sitting on the back porch. Tristan was hanging out with us and riding his bike around the backyard when it started to sprinkle. There was no thunder or lightning, just showers. When I told him I didn’t care if he played in the rain that was all he needed to hear.

I wanted to capture my boy in this moment. Grabbed the camera and took a few shots. He may be growing up fast, but he will always be my baby boy.


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