Childhood Unplugged – October 2017

It’s been four years this month since an idea was sparked to hold myself accountable to documenting the boys in unplugged play. With over 132K followers on Instagram I never imagined it becoming a name so familiar to so many. I am grateful for all the memories I have documented, for the friendships that have been created with the other members and how many people I’ve crossed paths with that have been inspired by it. With one moved away to college and the other two getting older and wanting to be photographed less, I have broadened my picture taking to my nieces and nephew also when they are visiting. It helps me stay inspired.

This month’s blog post was especially sentimental for me. A few weeks ago we experienced the wrath of Hurricane Irma here in South Florida. While we are so very thankful for the minimal damage our home endured, there was still lots of broken trees, our fence fell over, some roof shingles fell off, the trampoline ripped and the mango tree damaged the top of the clubhouse. Little did I know when taking these pictures that a couple of weeks later we would be tearing down the clubhouse and putting the trampoline to the side of the road for pick-up. We have decided we are not going to replace it, and just like that, these will be the last photographs of trampoline jumping in the backyard. I felt a bit sentimental because we’ve had one for years. We have gone through 4 different trampolines come to think of it. It’s been a backyard staple as well as this wooden swing set that Jorge built with Jorgie when he was three years old.

Jorge says that he is going to rebuild a swing area for Matt and that’s it. So looking at these images are a bit bittersweet for me. I’m such a sucker for nostalgia and I become very attached to things that hold memories. Tristan keeps throwing around the idea of a pool but I don’t know with Matt and all. Anyways… I tried a new film called Revelog Kolor. Such a fun 35mm film but you don’t know how it’s going to turn out. Each roll can be different. Lots of green and red hues and it’s just meant to be fun and different and I love it!


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