I believe:

90% of the time people are awesome and it’s the 10% that ruin it for everyone else

Everyone deserves a second chance

Trying and failing is better than never trying at all

Loud music and a dance party in the living room is a great way to spend a Friday night

Being a wife to the same man for 24 years and raising three fantastic boys is the only reward or recognition that will ever truly matter

Belly laughs can cure almost anything

Cadbury milk chocolate is never just for Easter baskets

Fresh flowers on the kitchen table make every meal better

Stopping to watch ducklings cross the road is always worth it

Salty air and sandy toes make for the best vacations

Every family is unique and beautiful


While I love nothing more than a quiet morning spent with a new magazine and a great cup of french roast, it is the moments I spend with my family that truly brings me the most joy.

As a photographer, I have learned to be in tune with each family’s individual story. My awareness for the natural patterns and organic moments that truly make you unique and beautiful is always there.

It has been over four years now that I launched Childhood Unplugged, a monthly online exhibit of photographers who are making a conscious effort to encourage our children to get back to the art of play.

*Image taken by Jonathan Canlas


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