Childhood Unplugged – February 2018

He has been asking his Dad for a while to take him to the gun range to shoot. He wanted to learn. We told him he had to wait until he turned 13. He is used to playing paintball and has had a fascination with nerf/toy guns ever since he was little. We felt it was best to teach a respect for guns and how to use them properly instead of making them taboo. I know some have mixed feelings about this, but I grew up with a brother and step-father that hunted every deer season in Michigan and rifles hanging on our living room wall was the norm.

So the weekend before his 13th birthday we spent the day with him and took him to Lock & Load Miami. This was a little more than a gun range and quite frankly I was surprised hubby picked this for his first experience, but we know Tristan and how responsible he is. He was very attentive to the instructor and followed directions to a T. Handled the guns like a boss. You could tell he was having a blast and that this was right up his alley.


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